Q: Does Uplifter Innovations sell cannabis?

A: No. Uplifter Innovations, along with 311, designed and produces the unique Grassroots Uplifter™ personal vaporizer, and does not produce or sell cannabis in any form. The Uplifter™ is designed and intended for vaporization of e-liquids only in a manner consistent with all applicable laws.


Q: How many puffs should I expect?

A: The Uplifter™ is designed to provide at least 100 full pulls. The difference between the Uplifter™ and other disposable vapes is the quality and length of those puffs. Most other disposables can only be drawn on for 4-5 seconds before shutting down to avoid overheating. We found that to be too short. The Uplifter™ is designed to allow longer drags of up to 8 seconds - more than enough for a deep pull. So 100 full pulls on an Uplifter™ is equal to 200 on most other disposable vapes.


Q: Is the Uplifter™ recyclable?

A: Yes! All places carrying the Uplifter™ participate in our recycling program. Simply drop it off when you pick up your next Uplifter™ and they'll handle the rest.

Q: Our smoke shop or other organization is interested in carrying the Uplifter™, how can we do that?

A: Just hit us up through the contact form, we'd love to talk to you.